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Graduation Station – FAQs

Measure from the top of their heads to the floor. The gowns come in the following sizes and should be rounded up from the child's height to the next size. If you need smaller or larger gowns please let us know.
• Age 3-5 /3'6" - 3'8" / 107cm - 114cm
• Age 7-8 /4'0-4'2"/123-130cm
• Age 9-10 /4'3"-4'5"/131-138cm
• Age 10-11 /4'6"-4'8"/138-144cm
• Age 11-12/4'9"-4'11"/145-151cm
• Age12 /5'0-5'2"/152-158cm
• Age 13 /5'3"-5'5"/159-165cm

Gown Care
Upon receipt of your Graduation gown, remove it from the packaging and hang it up. To remove wrinkles, you may press the garment with a cool iron, or hang the gown in a steamy room. The gowns are 100% polyester with full zipper front.
The caps are made with the same quality material as the gowns, but because of the cardboard components inside they cannot be dry-cleaned or machine-washed.
The caps should not be thrown in to the air as they have pointed corners that could cause injury.

Graduation Station - FAQs

Order Processing
As the gowns are made to order we will advise a delivery timescale upon receipt of your order. As a guide orders are usually dispatched within 14 days from receipt of the order and we will always try our very best to meet an urgent order where possible.

Orders must be cancelled with notification to graduationstation.co.uk no later than 7 days after the order has been placed.

Description of Products
Great care has been taken to describe and portray products on this web site accurately but variations in actual goods may occur.

Price and Price Variation
The sale prices are as stated on the web site and include VAT at the relevant rate. The prices are subject to change without notice.

Our Colour Range
We have 12 colours in our range:

Black, Maroon, Red, Gold, Emerald, Forest, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, White, Pink